Look closely
Fight fans are labelling Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II rigged after the influencer turned boxer suddenly ended the fight with a knockout from nowhere.


Paul, 24, sent Woodley to the canvas in round six of the fight in what, at first glance, looked like fine fashion. However, it didn’t take long for social media to pick up on what could very well have been a blatant signal for Woodley to throw the fight. Watch:

Rigged? The twist of the hand to let him know it’s time to flop? pic.twitter.com/0BqOo8rqll pic.twitter.com/6ZWqJdsEyh
— JakeGotD (@jakeverysmalld) December 19, 2021

As this user quickly breaks downs the clip above, you clearly see a distinct hand movement from Paul that doesn’t particularly look like he is readying his fists for a punch; it looks more like cocking his wrists very clearly for the benefit of his opponent.
Although slowing it down is always helpful and many have been quick to agree that Paul gives a clear signal to the former UFC …