Both Paul and Woodley got a hefty pay packet
Jake Paul’s prize money for knocking out Tyron Woodley on Saturday night is said to be a career-high for the 24-year-old influencer turned boxer.


According to the MEN, not only did Paul earn a whopping $5m by winning the rematch – with Woodley also said to have taken home a similar amount – but he even offered the MMA fighter a $500,000 bonus if he could knock him out.
In case you hadn’t heard, that isn’t how it went don’t: it was Paul who delivered a knockout blow to the former UFC welterweight champion in the sixth round, meaning he won both bouts and has five victories in five fights as a pro so far.

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Despite having lost the two fights, Woodley has now earned more in both than he could have ever hoped to in his own discipline, with the £2m purse from the first bout already having surpassed his highest-ever earning from any UFC fight.
Paul only started box …