‘In no way shape or form can you claim to carry my sport you absolute f***ing muppet’
Tony Bellew has described Jake Paul as a ‘fucking muppet’ after the YouTuber-turned-boxer claimed on social media that he ‘carry’s boxing.’


Paul recently took to social media to reveal his New Year’s resolutions which included to “go to chiropractor to heal back from carrying the sport of boxing.”
But Bellew strongly disagreed and promptly replied to the American’s tweet saying: “You couldn’t carry the jockstrap of a proper BOXER son. Please rephrase point 4!”

You couldn’t carry the jockstrap of a proper BOXER son.. please rephrase point 4! 👍
— Tony Bellew (@TonyBellew) January 1, 2022

Speaking on the DAZN Boxing show, the former cruiserweight fighter explained that he doesn’t have any hate towards Paul and doesn’t like the idea that people label him as a boxer when he has yet to fight a fully-fledged boxer.
“First of all, I’ve go …