Content warning: Violence
Footage has emerged of Phil Foden’s mother, Claire, being attacked in the backstage area of the Manchester Arena following Amir Khan’s loss to Kell Brook.


The Manchester City forward was attending the boxing match following City’s last minute defeat to Tottenham on Saturday night, and his night was further ruined as a group of men harassed him at the event.
Video footage appears to show Foden walking away from the troublemakers into a private room with his girlfriend, as the men call him a ‘c***’.

Foden’s mother, 41, then emerges from the room to defend her child, who is still only 21.
Understandably furious, she asks who was harassing her son and tells the group to ‘fuck off’, before pushing one of them. The man she pushed then reacts by throwing a punch at her.


A fracas breaks out in the corridor, with Foden himself coming out of the room to defend his mother, but cannot be seen using any violence.
At one point, an acquaintance of the f …