No dead rubber in Cusack Park as Limerick strike late for the draw

Clare: 0-18 Limerick: 0-18
You who philosophise might find lasting reason in a game that has no immediate meaning in this life. In short nobody won and nobody lost, Clare and Limerick interest in this side of division one already over to begin with, both teams out of sight of the semi-finals.
What unfolded on the field of play was a different matter, all about the here and now, not the there and then, especially for All-Ireland champions Limerick, still seeking their first league win of the new season. Clare being Clare in Cusack wouldn’t be just tipping away either.
Just over 10,000 also showed up knowing well this would be no five-finger exercise, no mock exam either for the championship tests now just six weeks away. Played out on the classic of Ma …