Ah here, awesome, just bloody awesome. “She’s some mare,” as Ruby Walsh purred, “and they’re some pair”, Honeysuckle and Rachael Blackmore doing their Cheltenham thing all over again.
Hard to think of too many more thrilling sights than when they confer, decide to hit accelerate, and then head for home, leaving all in their wake. Glorious.
And even though Honeysuckle had a seven-pound weight allowance because she’s a lady, the weight of expectation on herself and her partner would have more than wiped that out, their individual and combined track records, so to speak, raising their status in time from ‘plucky’ to ‘peerless’.
But cripes, the pressure of that favouritism.
“It’s a never-ending fairytale, but I always try to prepare myself for it to end,” said trainer Henry de Bromhead. But? “But she just keeps …