TV View: We love the bones of utterly, fabulously demented football

“This is getting ridiculous, Real Madrid, ” Tommy Martin gasped while the rest of us struggled to raise our jaws from the floor. And if you don’t have any sympathy for all those reporters who’d already penned their thoughts on yet another all-English Champions League final, and were all set to press ‘send’, then you’ve the coldest of hearts.
88: Done and dusted.
89: Hold it. Rodrygo. Goal.
91: Mother of divine Jesus. Rodrygo. Goal.
Ah, football, you’re a mad fecker, little wonder we love the bones of ya.
So much salivating had gone on during that first leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid last week, you’d have needed a bib to collect all the drool, Pep Guardiola’s conniptions on the touchline as he tried to compute how his lads only managed to win by a single g …