It’s rare enough that you’d have any sympathy with those wackadoodles who habitually complain about there being too much sport on telly because, as we know, there can never be enough. But the weekend just gone was a test for even the most committed of sofa spuds, the unrelenting nature of the fare on offer barely leaving time to come up for air.
This can be addling, of course, but there’s always someone worse off. Like, say, Pat Spillane who had to travel from Kerry to Limerick on Sunday, where the hosts had just beaten Tipperary, to work on the game between Cavan and Donegal in Monaghan. Noelle Healy had to come from Dublin to complete the same task, but she seemed to take it in her stride, Pat, by then, not sure what planet he was on, never mind in which county.
The chief conclusion after t …