Boxing referee stretchered out of ring after being hit by fighter

He was knocked down after trying to separate the two fighters
A boxing referee had to be stretchered out of the ring after he was knocked down following a hit to the chest when trying to separate the two fighters.
Jesus Granados was left hurt after he was caught with a strong right hook to his chest after he stepped too close to the fighters in the ring.

The incident happened in the third round
Irvin Turrubiartes was responsible for the accident, catching the Mexican in the solar plexus instead of opponent Gerardo Valenzuela with 10 seconds of the third round remaining.
Despite staying on his feet after the initial blow, Granados fell to the ground as he then required medical attention, with medics lying the Mexican on his back at the side of the ring.

“The referee is obviously hurt from the right hook he received,” the commentator said the moment Granados dropped to the …