Anthony Joshua responds after John Fury criticises Tyson’s team

AJ’s team has responded after John Fury’s interview with BT
With Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury‘s long-awaited bout once again delayed and cast into yet more uncertainty, Tyson Fury must now fight Deontay Wilder another time before he has a shot at the fight he and everyone has been waiting for. Eddie Hearn spoke over doubts last week, with John Fury also throwing in his two cents saying, in short, “I’m not a happy man”.
Speaking to BT Sport, the Gypsy King’s father, John Fury – known for his equally big personality – gave his verdict on the collapse, discussing how the arbitration of the fight suddenly became a problem, stating it “could’ve been squashed in December, but they didn’t squash it. I can rattle on all day. The public knows they’re not fools. Garbage”.

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