Teddy Atlas believes judge CJ Ross should have been locked up for controversially scoring Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez a draw back in 2013.

In a fight that Mayweather looked to have comfortably won, Ross submitted a 114-114 scorecard despite her colleagues Craig Metcalfe and Dave Moretti seeing it wide in ‘TBE’s’ favour.

Ross came under immense scrutiny for her scoring and informed the Nevada State Athletic Commission that she would be stepping down from her role in the immediate aftermath.

One year prior she was involved in another scoring scandal when she and Duane Ford awarded Timothy Bradley a contentious split-decision win over Manny Pacquiao.

For legendary trainer Atlas, Ross’ judging during Mayweather 45th professional outing was the final straw in an infamous 22-year stint in the sport.

CJ Ross scored Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez a draw – widely considered to be one of the worst scorecards in boxing history

Ross (right) stepped down from her role as a judge for the Nevada State Athletic Commission shortly after the fight 

‘He [Canelo] lost to Mayweather, every round, except for with that judge [CJ Ross] who should be in jail,’ said Atlas when asked about the contest on his podcast ‘The Fight with Teddy Atlas’.

Shortly after retiring from judging, Ross came out and attempted to defend her scorecard in the press.

‘People don’t understand that all three judges could have ended any fight and, as a result, have the same score. Let’s say 116-112,’ she told World Boxing News.

‘But if you look at the commission’s score sheet, you would likely see they arrived at those scores by different rounds.

‘I have to consider the source. Because unless the critic was sitting in my seat viewing the fight from the angles I had and could feel or see the power and the flat and missed punches that are not seen by a camera, it’s not real criticism.’

Ross has since relocated out of Nevada and now lives in Ohio where she takes care of her family business.

For a time she was expected to transition to MMA judging but the move never materialised.

Legendary trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas believes Ross should have been jailed for her scoring 

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