Logan Paul stooped low in his press conference with Dillon Danis ahead of their October 14 fight, mentioning the death of the MMA star’s dad as he accused his opponent of ‘turning to alcohol’ as they exchanged insults.

Danis, who has been heavily criticised for his role in the pre-fight promotion, launched an attack on Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal.

The MMA fighter regularly targeted Agdal on Twitter, leading to her being granted a temporary restraining order from Danis.

Paul got his chance to hit back at his opponent, but stooped low in the pair’s face-to-face as he brought up the death of Danis’ father as they exchanged insults.

He said: ‘Your life is going down hill ever since you got kicked out of Marcelo’s gym. You turned to alcohol try to drown everything out, your dad passed away, you lost friends.’

Logan Paul mentioned the death of Dillon Danis’ dad in their face-off ahead of their fight

Danis responded by questioning why Paul refused to fight him in the MMA ring

Danis has criticised Nina Agdal, Paul’s fiancee (left), who has been granted a temporary restraining order

The YouTuber and WWE star continued to tell his opponent that he empathises with him and believes that his outburst on X, formerly known as Twitter, is like ‘group therapy’.

‘I empathise with you Dillon because I understand Twitter for you is like a group therapy session,’ said Paul. ‘You’re getting a sense of validation. 

‘If that feels the empty voids in your heart, I empathise with you.’

This led to Danis hitting back at Paul for bringing up the death of his father, who passed away last year. 

‘Talk about that see what happens, you say you’re not a scumbag and talk about my dad passing,’ reiterated Danis.

The argument heated up further when Paul threatened to rip Danis ‘limb for limb’, before the MMA star questioned why his opponent refuses to fight him in the Octagon.

‘I will rip you limb for limb,’ threatened Paul. ‘You will not be able to breathe. I will rearrange your entire body.’

Danis quickly responded, provoking Paul into accepting an MMA fight as he said: ‘So why are we doing a boxing fight? It’s not even a real match. It’s like half a fight. I would kill you bro (in MMA).’

However, Paul dismissed the claim that Danis would beat him in an MMA fight as he said: ‘The four time world champ was old Dillon. You’ve changed.’

After dismissing Danis’ danger in the Octagon, Paul shook on terms to an MMA fight after the pair face off in the square circle next month. 

They will have the chance to settle their differences when they take to the ring next month as the co-main event alongside KSI vs Tommy Fury in Manchester.

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