Anthony Joshua has sent an X-rated response to Tyson Fury after his second round knockout victory over Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Knocking Ngannou down in the first round for the first time in his career, AJ proceeded to put the former UFC champion onto the canvas another two times in the second round.

His third knockdown was enough to stop Ngannou from getting back up as Joshua claimed a fourth consecutive victory in the ring. 

Fury was spotted in the crowd applauding AJ’s brutal knockout, but Joshua has refused to talk about his foe.

Speaking to IFL TV, Joshua was asked about Fury’s reaction to his knockout and simply replied: ‘F*** Tyson Fury.’

Anthony Joshua knocked Francis Ngannou down three times in his impressive victory 

Speaking after the fight, Joshua sent an X-rated message to Tyson Fury

When asked to expand on the reason for his hostile reply, Joshua said: ‘You know what it is? I don’t like trash talking people but I heard him say something like “I’m here to do commentary about these two sausages”. 

‘That guy that I fought (Ngannou), that he fought, is an ex-UFC heavyweight champion. A phenomonal story. Someone who changed his life around. 

‘It’s too disrespectful. Forget anything about him.’ 

It remains to be seen as what is next for AJ, but a fight against Fury is on the cards.

The heavyweight champion faces Oleksandr Usyk next, with the winner of the bought likely to take on Joshua.

Speaking after Joshua’s victory, Fury confirmed he would be interested in an all-British bout.

‘I had a s*** performance against Ngannou. AJ did absolutely fantastic and lit him up with a right hand,’ he said on Friday night. 

‘If he fights me after I beat Usyk twice then it will be a different game.’ 

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