Dana White has given his reaction after former UFC star Francis Ngannou suffered a second round knockout to Anthony Joshua as he continues his attempt to crossover into boxing.

Ngannou had raised expectations after an impressive boxing debut against Tyson Fury in October.

The Cameroonian sensationally knocked down the WBC heavyweight world champion before losing via a split decision verdict.

Ngannou’s second visit to the boxing ring, however, ended in brutal fashion as he was sent to the canvas three times by Joshua, who earned a knockout victory in the second round.

White, speaking after UFC 299, gave a blunt assessment of Ngannou’s performance as he suggested the former UFC star had benefited from Fury being out of condition for his boxing debut.

Dana White has reacted after former UFC star Francis Ngannou lost to Anthony Joshua

Joshua ended the contest with a knockout in the second round of the boxing fight in Riyadh

Ngannou was knocked to the canvas three times in two rounds before the fight was ended

‘If Fury trained for the fight and didn’t show up and look like he ate Tyson Fury, that’s probably the way that fight would’ve ended, too,’ White said.

‘Listen, you know how I feel about crossovers into boxing.

‘That’s how they end, just like that.’

Ngannou left the UFC last January despite reportedly turning down an offer that would have made him the highest-paid heavyweight of all time.

The fighter was released by the organisation and stripped of his heavyweight belt after taking the decision not to renew his contract with the promotion.

Ngannou has now secured two money-spinning heavyweight fights since moving into boxing, but the nature of his loss to Joshua has led to doubts over whether he can make a successful crossover.

The 37-year-old had been put on the canvas by Joshua with about a minute to go in the round, beating the count at nine and making it back to his feet to see out the final 40 seconds.

However, when he was knocked down again in the second round there appeared to be little chance of Ngannou continuing, and after struggling back up he was quickly knocked out by a big right hand to put an end to the contest in Joshua’s favour.

Ngannou had risen expectations after knocking Tyson Fury down on his boxing debut

White claimed Ngannou would have had the same fate had Fury been in a good condition

Ngannou required oxygen in the ring as he was attended to by medics in the immediate aftermath, before recovering to leave the ring unaided.

Despite the brutal nature of his loss to Joshua, Ngannou insisted he will continue to pursue success in the ring.

‘You can be sure I’m not done here,’ Ngannou said post-fight.

‘It wasn’t my day, he was way better than me today.

‘It sucks but it’s the game. We all know that.’

Joshua has also offered his backing for Ngannou to continue in boxing.

‘You’re an inspiration,’ Joshua said.

‘You’ll beat a lot of people. Don’t leave boxing. Don’t leave boxing.

‘If you need anything, let me know, but we’ll speak another time.’

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