Boxer Ryan Garcia went on a lengthy rant on Instagram Live where he made a number of interesting and occasionally concerning claims.

This comes after a series of concerning posts on Twitter over the course of the past seven days – including a video claiming he was dead, posts talking about things like demons and UFOs, and claiming that Elon Musk was the anti-Christ.

In one particular part of the rant, he talked about how he was going to continue to speak up about whatever is on his mind because, as he put it, ‘usually we just let it go and sweep it under the rug.’

‘I’m not, I’m going to keep on being loud. If they don’t like it, so be it. I’m the one that is the one that needs to stop talking when there’s little kids really getting hurt. 

‘And I’ve already said this once, but no, there’s nothing crazy about me when I’m trying to save kids that are really getting hurt every day. 

Boxer Ryan Garcia went on a lengthy and concerning Instagram Live rant on Sunday 

‘If you are really not standing up for that, you’re crazy. Little kids getting murdered, and then they disappear. So many disappearances. And I’m the only one screaming, help the children, the children are hurting.’

He particularly claimed that many children – maybe up to thousands – have disappeared at Disneyland 

Garcia later added, ‘I’m gonna start exposing everybody. I’m not being held hostage, I’m free now.’

Other things that he touched on was his experience with astral projection, claiming that he’s ‘done it.’ 

He also took the time to explain time travel and claimed that there are both spiritual and physical levels to it.

At one point in the video, Garcia was joined by a woman he identified as a friend of his. He then assured the audience that he doesn’t do drugs.

That follows accusations from his next opponent, Devin Haney, that he has been on some kind of substances.

‘I don’t do cocaine,’ Garcia said at a media event at the end of February. ‘I would do a live drug test [to prove it].

‘I drink and I smoke weed, and so has the majority of this room.’

Garcia is preparing for a fight with WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney in April

Haney accused Garcia of ‘playing crazy’ days after suggesting his opponent does drugs 

Among the more surprising topics was his claim that he’s been in the back rooms of The Vatican and that he was shown robes and jewels.

Garcia also doubled-down on his claim that he was offered a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he rejected it.

The 25-year-old boxer is set to fight Haney on April 20, despite calls for the bout to be called off in light of Garcia’s recent social media activity.

In a now-deleted post on Twitter, Haney addressed Garcia’s recent outbursts: ‘The fight is happening April 20th.. he’s just playing crazy to “sell it” which is weird because it’s people who are actually crazy out there but he’s just acting for attention’.

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